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We are not currently selling online tickets, so please purchase your tickets on arrival.


We welcome enquiries regarding group visits.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is open every day of the year, except Christmas day, from 9.30 am - 6pm.  Photography and video filming is permitted for non-commercial purposes.

Admission charge:  Adult: 15. Child (under 16yrs): 10.


1 Payment Terms

On arrival by cash, credit card or sterling cheque from approved clients

The exchange rate for Euros can be found here:

We no longer accept advance bookings or payments.

2. Do you accept tour operator vouchers?

We do not accept vouchers from travel agents as we no longer accept advance bookings or payments.

We cannot guarantee admission at set times so please visit the museum with your group and our admisions office will provide you with an invoice /receipt for your group visit on arrival. We do not give priority to any visitors - visitors are admitted in order of attendance and it may be necessary to queue at peak times. To avoid queing, it is best if your group arrives soon after opening time.

3. Are there special rates for students, teachers, tour guides, senior citizens or disabled vistors?
There are no concessions except for visitors who are blind - admission price is at the reduced rate of 10.

4. Can journalists and other media representatives gain free entry?
We do not operate a press pass scheme. Copyright free images are at  Filming enquiries should be made to

5. How long does the visit last?
The duration of most visits is between 1/2 hour - 45 minutes, which includes time for shopping in our souvenir shop on the ground floor of the Museum. The tours are self-guided so you can arrange the length of the visit to suit your purposes. We provide a free written guide in various languages.

6. What is the maximum size for a group?
There is no maximum limit because a large group is divided into smaller groups of about 15 people. Some of these smaller groups can visit the shop while the other groups are visiting the Museum. We can accommodate around 45 students in the museum at any one time. Some of your group may need to wait outside the Museum if we are too crowded to allow the whole group into the building. To avoid queuing it would be best to arrive as early as possible after 9.30am.

7. Do we have to pre-book or can we book in advance?

We do not accept advance bookings or payments, so please attend the museum during our opening hours.

8. Do you provide an activity sheet?
Yes - please see the link to the quiz paper below. We are currently working on a much more extensive paper for group visitors to enable them to learn more about the life and times of Sherlock Holmes and to help with learning English vocabulary.

9. What about disabled access for those with wheelchairs?
There is insufficient room for wheelchairs to be admitted to the museum upstairs (the staircase is to narrow) and therefore the museum is not able to accommodate wheelchairs. The shop on the ground floor is however easily accessible via wheelchairs and we welcome any person with disabilities. A video of the interior of the museum is available on our website.

11. What time of the day is best to fully benefit from a visit?

The Museum closes promptly at 6pm and all visitors must leave the premises at that time, so please do allow adequate time for your visit! To avoid queing for any length of time in the peak summer months, it would be advisable to visit as soon as possible after 9am.

12. We intend to give the children a questionnaire based on the one you give on your site, but simplified. Is it possible to do so?

You can modify and use any part of our website for educational purposes.

13. What free documents are given to the children?

We provide a museum brochure on arrival. Musuem tours are self-guided using the brochure.

14. Coach parking / Lunch / Toilets?
Coaches can park outside the Museum for loading and unloading of passengers from 10am - 4pm daily
. There are no parking restrictions on Sundays. Visitors may like to eat a picnic lunch in Regents Park which is opposite the museum. Toilet facilities are available in the basement of our property.

15. We regret we cannot store luggage, so please leave your luggage in your hotel before visiting.  We may have limited room available for children's buggy's depending on the day of your visit. Babies will need to be carried.

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